Uni-Grip® Crimp-On Spouts

For use with small or medium sized plastic and steel containers, the Uni-Grip® pull-up spout is a closure with a full-pour standard opening that is optimized for drainability, minimizes waste, and protects the environment. A self-vented anti-glug spout is available upon request.

A Uni-Grip® spout provides a tamper evident seal designed for durability and security, combining a plastic cap with integrated large bail handles for ease of use and a pull-up spout. These closures provide high levels of product integrity and security.

The Uni-Grip® spout is a crimp-on plastic closure with a metal ring that can be applied to plastic or steel containers by using a full range of Tri-Sure® Uni-Grip® manual and pneumatic tools.

Before emptying, a tamper-evident ring-pull membrane in the spout must be removed. After usage, the integrated plastic cap can be easily reapplied to re-seal the remaining contents.

  • Extra-large cap surface for up to two color private design print
  • Cap snaps into the crimp ring closing off the spout well area to contamination during storage and shipment
  • Extra-large lifting bails on the screw cap for ease of use even with gloved fingers
  • Reinforced diaphragm pull tab to assist in drop test capability
  • Optional anti-glug, self-venting spout for water thin liquids
  • Industry leading crimp ring plating capable of withstanding 200+ hr salt spray test
  • 50% more sealing teeth on Tri-Sure® crimping equipment for a reliable, secure, and uniform crimp

Request a quote for Uni-Grip spouts for your plastic or steel containers, or contact us to learn more.