PlastiCap™ 60 & PlastiCap™ 70 Plastic Screw Caps

PlastiCap™ 60 and PlastiCap™ 70 plastic screw caps are a safe, secure, and economical cap system used globally in demanding hazardous and non-hazardous applications. PlastiCap™ 60 and 70 plastic threaded caps are available in both tamper evident and non-tamper evident versions.

Tamper-evident PlastiCap™ plastic threaded caps are designed to coordinate with the Tri-Sure® neck design to provide light, robust, and reliable solutions for customers demanding closure security performance. PlastiCap™ plastic screw caps are available in a plain face version for printing or with a G3/4 knockout.

  • Light, robust, and reliable for a cost effective sealing solutions
  • Compliant with food regulations
  • Proven and customizable design
  • Tamper-evident version available to meet high security applications and to limit pilfering

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