SambaCap™ Caps

SambaCapTM, an all-plastic steel drum and pail closure over cap, is designed to protect your container’s closure from dirt and contamination. SambaCaps™ are also relatively tamper evident caps that can be efficiently and securely hand-applied to and removed from Tri-Sure® metal container flanges designed for caps and plugs.

Manufactured from polyethylene, SambaCapTM caps are available in G3/4 and G2 sizes. The standard SambaCap™ color is white; however other colors can be produced once a minimum order quantity is satisfied. The SambaCap™ face can be printed in up to two colors to enhance your company’s image or to present your company’s logo (subject to minimum order quantity).

  • SambaCapTM caps are all plastic; meaning no rust or sharp edges
  • SambaCapTM hand applied and removed tamper evident caps are an effective alternative to crimp on caps
  • Easy and ergonomic removal of the cap: no tools required and product stays in one piece
  • Prevents dirt ingress and contamination

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