Plastic Tab-Seal® Cap Seals

Plastic Tab-Seal® Caps are Tri-Sure®’s Factory Mutual certified sealing caps for metal packaging, designed and produced to meet NFPA 30 requirements when combined with Tri-Sure® plastic and nylon plugs and steel packaging flanges. Aluminum rings provide superior sealing efficiency to plastic Tab-Seal® tamper evident caps while easy melting resins provide pressure relief in the case of a fire incident, guaranteeing maximum safety.

To ensure these sealing caps are properly fitted and removed, Tri-Sure® offers manual and pneumatic tools.

  • Plastic Tab-Seal® cap seals are Factory Mutual approved for NFPA 30 steel packaging applications
  • Tab-Seal® sealing caps are designed to work in perfect combination with the other components of the Tri-Sure® Closures System to provide the best possible sealing solution
  • Proven and customizable design
  • Can be printed with up to two private-design colors
  • Compliant with food regulations
  • Superior tamper evident caps

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