Nylon & Plastic Plugs

Tri-Sure® has a full range of Factory Mutual G3/4 and G2 nylon plugs and plastic plugs designed to safely and effectively close steel drum and pail ISO 228 openings. The plugs provide an integral fit with Tri-Sure® flanges while G2 plugs feature the patented R-plug design unique to Tri-Sure® steel container bungs.

The R-plug is a Factory Mutual design and has a retention ring concentrically molded into the plug just below the washer seating area which assists in keeping the gasket in place when threaded into or out of a Tri-Sure® flange. Keeping the gasket in-place significantly reduces the opportunity for gasket looping when a plug is torqued into a metal container lowering leakage potential. When unwinding, the retention ring also helps to keep the gasket from sticking to residual material accidentally left on the flange during package filling. Keeping the washer in place during threading also allows the plug to torque to the recommended value required for functionally, providing for maximum gasket compression to help prevent plug back-off during storage and transit.

When combined with a Tri-Sure® flange, every Tri-Sure G3/4 and G2 nylon plug or plastic plug is Factory Mutual certified to meet NFPA 30 requirements.

Tri-Sure® nylon plugs and plastic plugs are produced with a full array of vented openings which include breathable micro porous vents and vent-in or vent-out one way rubber vents.

  • Patented G2 R-plug design closers and opens faster and easier and helps prevent leakage.
  • The R-plug retaining ring design means no more washer gripping and end of line slowdowns.
  • G3/4 and G2 Tri-Sure® plugs can be ordered in nylon, high density polyethylene and polypropylene materials.
  • All Tri-Sure® steel container plugs are ISO 228 compatible
  • Tri-Sure® nylon plug and plastic plugs for steel containers are Factory Mutual approved and embossed with an <FM> marking.
  • Tri-Sure® nylon plug and plastic plugs are available with vent options.

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