Aluminum Tab-Seal® Cap Seals

Tri-Sure® aluminum Tab-Seal® cap seals are designed to integrate with Tri-Sure steel container closure systems and will provide the highest level of tamper evident seal available with a crimp-on cap seal.

Because of their exceptional sealing performance, aluminum Tab-Seal® cap seals are efficient devices designed to protect package contents. All Tri-Sure® caps and plugs are designed for maximum security and assist in preventing undetected tampering and package content pilfering. In addition, when properly crimped into place on a Tri-Sure® flange, aluminum Tab-Seal® caps assist in keeping the plug in place at the prescribed torque level by lowering the opportunity for plug gasket relaxation.

Metal Tab-Seal® cap seals are durable and provide assistance to package sealing, helping metal drums and pails achieve UN ratings for transport of hazardous materials. Tri-Sure® offers a full range of manual and pneumatic tools to ensure proper cap fit and removal.

  • Light, robust & reliable for a cost effective sealing and tamper evident solution.
  • Consistent product dimensions for reliable use in automated filling line applications.
  • Printable in up to 5 colors for private design requirements

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