Metal Containers

Tri-Sure® is the global leader in closure systems for industrial steel containers. With five plants around the world manufacturing products for steel drums and steel pails, we can provide the perfect flanges, plugs, caps and bungs for any container application.

Our three-part metal container closure system includes flanges, plugs, and caps that work together to provide maximum protection against spills, leaks, and damage. A variety of types, sizes, styles, and platings are available to meet the needs of the metal container market.

For over 90 years, Tri-Sure® has developed and sold to the metal packaging industry creative and functional closure systems. Tri-Sure® flanges are available with an innovative 4s® double washer which creates an “airbag” for your metal containers allowing steel drums and pails to pass the most extreme trial conditions including the “8 o’clock”  top drop test.

We are a full line supplier, providing not only closure components but also the equipment and service to support steel packaging manufacturers need to integrate our products into their metal drums and pails. We have worked closely with drum and pail manufacturers, fillers, and re-conditioners to develop and enhance the designs of our closure systems.

In our industry, the terms “flange,” “cap,” “plug” and “bung” are often used interchangeable, but can refer to different products. No matter what you mean, if you need a flange, cap, plug or bung for your metal container, our team will help you find the right product for your application.

At Tri-Sure USA, we focus on Protecting the Environment Worldwide and Creating A Safe Workplace.

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