About Us

American Flange & Manufacturing Company / Tri-Sure® USA has grown from a Chicago family-owned business started in 1921 to a member of the global Tri-Sure® family; a leader, manufacturer, and supplier of industrial closure systems and packaging components designed for use with metal shipping containers, plastic containers, intermediate bulk containers, and more. Whatever the product, our patented closure systems will protect your package contents and reduce the risk of spillage.  

Tri-Sure® products are truly defined by our mission statement:

Protecting the Environment Worldwide. Creating A Safe Workplace.

Tri-Sure® USA / American Flange & Manufacturing Company is part of a worldwide network of production facilities and sales centers strategically located to efficiently serve local customers as well as the regional requirements of global buyers demanding closure system consistency from continent to continent.

Tri-Sure® flanges, plugs, bungs, caps, cap seals, closing rings and a myriad of specialty components are designed and precisely manufactured to safely close plastic containers, steel barrels, drums, pails, IBCs, and more.

Tri-Sure® USA / American Flange is constantly improving and providing new products and solutions to fit our customers’ needs. We believe it is critical to constructively engage with our customers to fully understand their packaging requirements so that current Tri-Sure® closure systems as well as newly created solutions can be shaped and supplied to wholly satisfy your industrial packaging needs.

We look forward to working with you. Request a quote  on closure systems for plastic and metal shipping containers, or contact us to learn more.